Sunday, June 22, 2008

The washer is broke...and Mme Exode hasn't even got to use it yet. We'll take it back on Tues am & pick up a different one. She is very happy though.

Please pray for the venders that we use to buy souvenirs from. We are making a few changes and they do not want to change anything. We decided to have them all come to us in the university yard on shopping day before the group leaves instead of us making 15 stops in the Reserve Village. Our team liked it better this way but the venders didn't because of the competition, I guess. After a small problem going to the Reserve with the last group, Doug & I feel this is the best for our groups at this time.

Smiley & Squirrely both got fixed is week. Smiley didn't take it so well but Squirrely was knocked out cold! She is like me on meds...trashed! She is slowly gaining weight and looks great. My dad will crack up at her..she could easily be an indoor outdoor dog...and loves to prance at the ball we got her (just like our niece pup Kady prances for FOOD!!) She and Smiley fight over it. I have 4 tiny tennis balls but they fight over just one. They are finally starting to act like dogs vs scavengers. They haven't gotten the hang of raw hides yet. I got them from dollar general so maybe they just don't taste good??

Yesterday I got to pray with a women that begged me for food at the produce market in Leogone. God took my eyes right to her necklace and was VERY evident she practiced VOODOO. I felt irry. She grabbed my hand and held tight. She put it to her stomach and told me in creole she was hungry. I asked her if she was a Christian and she wouldn't tell me. Within in 10 seconds of me talking with her a friend that could translate better (from the Lamb Center) came up behind me. God put him there so fast and there we introduced her to Jesus. i got to tell her that if she turned her life over to Jesus, He could fill her empty stomach. She just pressed my hand harder and harder into her belly. I wondered if she was understanding my words that were being translated and then she looked at me and smiled and said "Merci" (thank you) & off she went. I didn't even give her food. I pray that she understood.

Then yesterday Marie Mat (my GH PT cook) requested an advance on her pay so she could feed her children. Then Maxal, our gate guard, discretely asked Me & Doug for some food. He had worked with Doug from sun up until about 3 and Doug didn't think he had anything for breakfast, then Maxal worked through lunch. We think he has 6 kids...and oh so prideful. He didn't beg, he asked. Doug and I have tried to drill into their heads to just ask if they "NEED" something and we'll try to help them. i cried after this. I feel like we are here to help but even our own people are still hungry. In some families the dad and mom eat first because they are the bread winners... but I think he goes without the meal most of the time. I think he puts the kids first. i have to do something about this. I think we're going to buy beans and rice and oil for our staff that need a little extra help. we are really getting to know them and their needs. I have decided not to hire a house keeper for awhile. Many of the Haitians seem to think we need a housekeeper but I really think God is telling me to use that money on something else. I'm not sure what it is just yet... maybe it's this. We are going to work on more funding soon. I have to be able to help, and right now i don't feel we've found our purpose. I know God wants us here but He hasn't showed me what to do or how to do it. I know He is just starting to use us.

I'm glad your tummy is full tonight. (and mine is too) I couldn't bare to see my family hungry or struggling like this. We are so blessed. As strange as this may sound... i think i know where the saying "I'd sell my soul to the devil" came from. It had to come from a mother watching her children starve to death and she could do nothing to help them. Well, I refuse to sell my soul to that nasty old devil because I know My God will prevail & He will show us the way.

I love you!