Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Friends,

Due to the heat Doug decided to send Amy to the states a little earlier than planned. She is now in Ohio with our families and is in AC! She will see her doctor on Tuesday at 10am and continue with prenatal care in the states until she delivers around Sept 1. She was very miserable here and it was difficult for her to function. She also had no appetite and hopefully she is bouncing back and getting the food that her and the baby both need. Doug will join up with her beginning of Aug.

June 26 Amy's friend April visits from Columbus
June 27 Celine's Birthday party in Xenia
June 30 Dr. Appt
July 3 Amy's sis, Anna and nephew, Luke come to Doug's parent's (Xenia, Oh) for the weekend
July 4 Family fun & FOOD & fireworks at Amy's Uncle & Aunt Dawson's Shawnee Lake Jamestown, Oh
July 5 Enjoying worship at church JCC, going to sis's in Akron, OH for the week with nephews Austin and Luke.
July 6 Austin's baseball game (W in extra innings)
July 8 Austin's Last baseball game (L in extra innings)
July 10 Relax at Water Works with Austin, Luke & Anna
July 12 Enjoying worship at Anna's church, going back to Doug's parents in Xenia
July 14 Dr. Appt
...More TBA

Please pray for the following:
1. Amy's mom Rita is helping in Haiti with Doug the Guest House and Dor. She & Doug will return to the states after all the teams leave for the summer around July 25.

2. There are MANY teams scheduled for July, pray that Doug does a great job coordinating what they will be doing while in Haitian and he doesn't get overwhelmed.

3. All missionaries will be going out either in July or Aug for furlough. Pray for safe travels and the Haitians understand we will return.

4. Eye Doc Ryan, and Phys Asst. Teresa are due with first baby July 4. As of today still have not heard that have had her. Pray for safe delivery in the states.
**Still need eye docs to fill in for Ryan while he is on maternity leave. email if you know of someone.

5. Our new director of CV (ED) and his wife (PAT) the director of the English academy HAVE ARRIVED. Pray that they not get too overwhelmed with the transition and language training.

6. Our CV Mazda truck just blew up while our new director (ED) was driving it this week. We wanted to give him a warm welcome!! However this was not the plan of a warm welcome. We are in DESPERATE need of a vehicle and have been for many months after the breaks went out of it with guests in it. We hope to begin raising funds for the vehicle ASAP! The estimated amout to raise is $30k US.

7. Continuous prayer for the Haitian people and their everyday struggles. Pray that they turn to God with every need and they leave the VOODOO alone!

Love to all,
Doug, Amy, Dor & baby Reichley