Friday, February 27, 2009

Dear Friends,

Happenings in Haiti are going well. We actually had a short break this week in between teams coming down, which has allowed up to catch up on much needed lists. The whole guest house got scrubbed from top to bottom and was able to give our staff a day off today before the team comes in tomorrow. For the last 3 1/2 weeks, Doug has been working with teams, on getting the roof on one of our nearby churches, Grann Savann Church. We were almost finished but had to stop the final touches since we are about $900 short of the finish line.

This week Doug has been getting prices for another church we would like to build with a work team as well as other supplies that will be needed to work on the 4-Plex that is currently being built for additional housing for our medical missionaries.... Doug has also been working with Edsel Redden, the stateside Director of FISH ministries to calculate the supplies that will be needed to build a chicken house. The chicken house will be for a nearby orphanage. This project will be built by a youth team in April lead by Amy’s parent's from Moncks Corner, SC. They will purchase the first batch of chickens and every few weeks the orphanage will be able to sell, then purchase more food for the chicks and be able to eat some chickens. They will also have a small but constant income from the chickens. It's a great idea!

Here at Christianville we work with a ministry that is located here on CV grounds called FISH ministries. They have an amazing set up to help feed here at CV. They built 16 tilapia ponds, about 396 chickens that provide eggs, and pigs provide meat. They also have goats but are not ready to start the butchering process just yet. All of this provides the CV school children the animal protein that they need in their weekly diets. Through this program every week about 1400 children get fed at two different schools. There are also enough eggs to give to some elderly in our elderly feeding program and our very malnourished that that are discovered in our medical clinics weekly.

Teams that came to CV this month:
Nate Bush’s team from Christ Community in FL worked their tails off preparing the walls of the Grann Savann Church (GSC) for the roof. We had great teachers work at the English academy as well has thousands of pills counted in the pharmacy. We were able to evangelize in the surrounding villages and give out baby layettes. That week Board President, Mark Cellura and friend Marlon from Brazil, put on a soccer ministry.
Next, Kurt Lowenberg brought his team from Iowa and PA. They worked on building the tresses of the church roof and painting them. They also welded them together to be ready to place on the roof.
The eye team was joined by Eye doctor and Board member Dr. Mike Hutton. They were able to go to several orphanages to give eye exams with Dr. Ryan Price here at CV. They also worked in the eye clinic and medical clinic. They did popcorn ministries and baby layettes in the villages and many continued to work with Doug and Kurt on the church roof. Like I stated above we thought we were going to complete the GSC roof but had to stop after running out of tin and supplies. Kurt stayed for over two weeks determined to get this roof on. We pray God will touch someone to fund the final roof costs in the amount of $900.

We hope over time to give you a great visual of all aspects of our mission and what God is doing through it!


1. Deleon, Our Dean of Students at the University, gave us a scare last month with health problems. God has provided answers for doctors and Deleon is now back to work with no problems. Praise God for his healing so he can work for God’s Glory.
2. We have been praying for a full time director here at CV and God has revealed to us a couple that is interested in this possibility. Please pray for this couple as they are in the praying and planning stages. Praise God for this possibility.
3. The school is still struggling for new sponsors since giving is down; however, food was delivered 3 weeks ago to COMPLETELY FILL our food depot. We have hundreds of bags of food that we were having to purchase and now we only have to purchase a few bags of rice each week.
4. Christianville is still in need of another vehicle. Please keep praying for funds to help with this purchase.
5. We came up $900 short of completing the Grann Savann Church. We need donations to complete the roof!
6. Baby Reichley continues to make Amy sick in the mornings but the little toad is growing and mommy is beginning to feel better earlier each day. Please continue to pray for health for our baby. Currently at 13 weeks along.

WoW! After looking at these answered prayer requests, God has surly been with Christianville in the past month…isn’t He always?

February Visitors to CV: 42

Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

Doug & Amy Reichley
Guest House & Field Coordinators
Christianville Foundation, Inc.
Gressier, Haiti

If you would like to send donations towards the needs at Christianville please send to:
PO BOX 24598

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Amy's ultrasound picture!


As of February 10th, Amy was 10.5 weeks along. Baby R was active on the ultrasound!