Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hello All,

Everything has been very busy and I am sorry for not getting you our regular monthly updates. This Full time job and mommy has not figured out how to get it all done in 24 hrs just yet but am adapting to no sleep pretty well.

Happenings at CV.....
7 baptisms
Lots of new babies in our village (3 CV employees... Betty-works in admin office, Pastor Laguerre and Bruno-yard guy) All very healthy.
CV purchased a new truck and got a cage and seats added. Will comfortably seat 10 big people, 15 average people OR 49 Haitians.
New medical apartments are getting closer to being done.
Teams painted at apartments and worked and trained at dental clinic.
New team came to help plant churches
Our boys are growing and are happy. (Picture attached)

As of today CV generator is down. Without it CV can not function. Thankfully all missionaries are on furlough except for us and Nurse Jenn.... Jenn left today to stay with a friend at another mission. Doug and Sove have worked to figure out the problem all day. Still no success. We have a small generator that we have hooked up to pump water and charge batteries.

Voodoo continues to show its nasty face.

Adoption for Dor to continue to move forward.

Missionaries to have a nice break and time with their families during Christmas.

I will start a fundraiser for the new truck this week. Please pray it is a success.

Funding for CV. We need funds to continue the ministry. The board members are working HARD to make this happen. Pray for them as they fund-raise. Pray that God remind people in the states how important missions are. Finances for missions are ALWAYS needed.

This is a pretty short update....hopefully we'll have some answered prayers to share with you next month.

Doug Amy Dor and Grayson Reichley
Christianville Foundation
Gressier, Haiti


Pam said...

Hey Amy, Just wanted to get in touch with you to see if you guys are free on the 16 of next month(Jan). If so we would like to spend some time with you and see your home and the mission. Hopefully we will be able to come. There is a problem with the government and Zach's nurse. They lost some paper work and now they say he can't work until it is straightened out. Keep this in your prayers please! Let us know about the date. If is not convienent for you we understand! In Christ, Pam

Mark and Dawn said...

We are praying for you guys. Can't imagine the devastation that you are experiencing. Please keep us posted on how we can help.

OneWorld Magazine said...

Hi Amy,
This is Lauren Hashiguchi. I don't know if you remember me, but I stayed in the guest house this summer. I am praying for you, your beautiful family, and your community and I hope that you are safe and able to serve.

Keith Waggoner said...

People are saying that the Christianville Foundation will not rebuild any of the Christianville schools. Can this possibly be true? If it is, where what happen to all of those kids?