Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Arrived in Ohio

We have prayed blessings on you and thank you for your thoughts and prayers during the past 14 days. Also for the food that was delivered as we pulled in the driveway Sunday.

For those of you that haven't heard... Doug and I had to leave Haiti after God made an AMAZING provision for our family. After the Earthquake devastated Haiti on Tuesday Jan 12, 2010 we were told that all the official /adoption offices were leveled. We weren't sure what the future of Dor's adoption would be. We wondered if he would ever be adopted. Much emotion came in the days to follow not only about the adoption, but also because of the suffering being endured by everyone around us. We saw things we never thought possible....

With much help from Perk and Karen and the office of Congressmen Steve Austria (big thanks to Rachel working behind the scenes)We got word from Perk and Karen of a "humanitarian parole" This would allow people that were in the end stages of adoptions to have the adoption be stamped "APPROVED" in Haiti, and bring the child to the USA to complete the rest of the adoption stateside. We were not only able to get Dor's approved, but also Hope's (better known as "momma") All paperwork was done in the Embassy on Tuesday and Wednesday and we left on Thursday. This was the only way that we could continue with the adoption. Though we are VERY sad for leaving when we felt like we are needed by our Haitian people the most, we PRAISE God for giving us this blessing to continue the adoption. We know, God will bring us back to Haiti in His time.

After flying into Ft Piece, FL compliments of Hendricks Motorsports working with Missionary Flights International (MFI) alongside Haitian children HOPE(5ys), DOR(3yrs) AND MARTIN (16yrs)... we drove 2 hrs and then were able to stay with Hope's new family (David and Jenny Cowart) in FL on Thursday.{THANKS JENNY FOR THE HOSPITALITY} Then on to SC to drop off my mom, Rita on Friday and visit with my family. Another THANKS to Ruthie and Lynette for the food and snacks when we arrived. Dor sure loves his new family! Then on to Ohio Saturday night into Sunday morning...12 hrs! Sunday we were welcomed by Dougs family in the afternoon. Then our awesome friends April and Jezze then Gma and Gpa Dawson in the evening. After 8 days of sleeping outside, getting damp in the AM from the dew, then hot in the PM, and the dust and debris in the air, not to mention very little sleep, we all got sick. Monday, Doug and I saw our Dr. {THANKS Dr Moore for getting us in so fast and for all you do for our family!} We were also able to stop by the office and see the best gals in the world...REICHLEY INSURANCE, EDWARD JONES & DAVID LISTERMANS! Not to mention eating lunch at Chic Fillet and playing in the play house for the very first time with Dor. He LOVED IT! Tuesday we took the boys to the doctor to be checked out since they too have the yuckies. Shots for Grayson...yuck:( And Dor's turn next week. The boys are happy and are sleeping well.

We want to continue to ask for your prayers and support for the following:

The families of the loved ones still not found.
The homeless, hungry, grieving, lost.
The adoptive parents that have not found their babies or don't have them home yet.
For ALL missionaries still in country....for strength, emotional wellbeing, food, clean water.
FUNDRAISING- Doug and I start speaking and raising for NOW and the FUTURE of CV. We have been feeding and clothing and the awesome medical staff are working hard to provide medical care. Pray that this all continue and that aide continue.
We need to find a way to get a donated 25 ton John Deere Excavator from WV to Haiti. Also looking for other pieces of equipment to help demo and rebuild CV.

Jimmy "Shacky"(also know as "Elmers friend") gave his life to the Lord and was baptized on Sunday in WV.
Heather Gonzalez of FL gave her life to the Lord and was baptized in our clean Haitian creek last Sunday night with flashlights and headlights.
Hundreds are giving their lives to the Lord in our village alone...!!
God spared our short and long term missionaries from injury and death. 26 of us!
Extra Docs & hands showed up to CV ready to help. Jim and Sandy's daughter, Rachel & SIL, Phillip. Several from a mission in the North unaffected by the Quake. Board member, Edsel and several with him. They all brought supplies that were much needed! THANKS GUYS!
Other Missionaries are helping CV and our village by sending food, med supplies and lots of other stuff....THANKS JACMEL FRIENDS!!!

LOVE YOU ALL & more updates to come!
Doug Amy Dor and Grayson


Excel Missions said...

Praise the Lord for getting you home safely.We are all glad to hear good news. It did our hearts good to see Hope again even if it was just a picture.Thanks for your efforts to get her out with you.We never got to adopt Hope but she will always be our girl in our hearts.We love you guys. Clint and Mary Fink Excel Missions.

anne said...

Amy and Doug - Sure thinking of you all. Our hearts are breaking at the devastation. I can't imagine the situation both for the haitians and the missionaries. WE sure talk of Dor often and miss him. I am planning on going to Bonne Fin on Saturday for a week. I am a little anxious how I will do emotionally with what I see. I trust that God will give the strength to go in His name to do his work. WE love you all.
Anne, Lanae and Breana.

willow said...

Amy and Doug-
I don't think you know who I am, and you probably won't remember me even if I tell you how I met you, but I'm going to tell you anyway! :)
I'm your friend Diane's friend...she was telling me how you had dinner at her house last night I believe.
So anyway when Diane was sick, you met me and my mom when her brother died and you were telling us about Haiti. When you were at her house for a while and we all stayed until like midnight. I believe I was 12 at the time...you probably don't remember us but oh well. :)
Anyway, I saw the link to your blog on Diane's computer and I decided I'd visit it. :)
I really like how you're blogging all of this and I will definitely keep coming back to read it!!
I'm so glad you're safe. :)
If you want to reply, you can email me at ehutz94@yahoo.com or visit my blog at www.homeschoolblogger.com/blackraspberrychip

God bless!

Keith Waggoner said...


The Christianville Foundation has changed it mission from primarily evangelism and eduction to primarily medicine. They have not told their supporters this. If you go to Christianville.org, you will see that they are still asking for money on behalf of Christianville College, while they are seeking to put Christianville College President, Josue Deleon, in jail.

Americans at Christianville are threatening local Haitian educators, including the President of Christianville College, with jail. Read email below. The college students have paid for room and board until the end of the semester. These kids have a right to finish the semester. The seniors have a right to graduate.

Can anyone do anything about the mess at Christianville?

See below. Thanks, Keith Waggoner

De: Ed Gilsbach
Objet: university
À: mrocheline@yahoo.fr
Cc: deleon_ht@yahoo.fr
Date: Jeudi 18 mars 2010, 17h28

Dr. Bazin,

After the last email I wrote you, I delivered a signed copy of the Board of Directors' letter, as I said I would. Mr. Deleon signed a copy indicating he had received the letter and then informed me that "his attorney had instructed him not ot discuss the university situation with me". I later telephoned Mr. Deleon, on 11 March, requesting that he provide me with a way to contact his attorney or that his attorney contact me. He said he would do this but has not. Since our last conversation on 11 March 2010, Mr. Deleon has not answered numerous calls from me, nor has he returned calls when I leave a message. I have asked both Daniel and Jonathas to ask Mr. Deleon to contact me, to no avail.

As stated in the letter, the Christianville Board of Directors would like access to the men's dorm immediately. Since the college is now closed there should not be students on campus or in the dorms. Our attorney has instructed me to call the Justice of the Peace and ask that warrants be issued in both your name and Mr. Deleon's. I am reluctant to do this in the hopes that this can be settled amicably. If however, I do not receive the keys for the men's dorm by tomorrow, 19 March 2010, I will be forced to get the courts involved.

The closing of the university was a very difficult decision for the Board of Directors. I'm sure it is difficult for the students, teachers and administrators of the university to accept this decision. It is still my hope that this can be completed without unnecessary hardship. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Ed Gilsbach