Monday, April 21, 2008


Dear Supporters,

You are a Blessing!! Because of you, we have reached our two year financial goal. We would like to thank you so much for all your support but it doesn’t stop here. Here are a few ways you can contact us with updates on how God is working in your lives, and you can also see how your gifts are being used to help build the Kingdom of God in Haiti.

  1. Our email address is Please email us with praises and prayer requests. We would really like to hear what is going on in your lives and would like the opportunity to pray for you too!
  2. Our blog site is this is where you can see what we are up to in Haiti. This site is under construction but within a few weeks you should see pictures, prayer requests and journal entries. Warning! This could cause you to love more, laugh more, or push you to do more for Jesus. Don’t view if your heart isn’t willing to be “transformed”.
  3. Please Note that any future or MONTHLY donations can be made out to HCP (Haitian Christian Projects) for tax purposes. Please continue to mail to the address at the bottom of this letter.

Our Latest Update:

On April 13 we departed Ohio. We are in South Carolina and met up with Amy parent’s (Jeff & Rita) to complete accounting information and last minute “to do” lists. Since Jeff and Rita will be joining us for a few weeks, we will also be able to use their luggage space to take an additional 200 lbs of supplies needed during our move. On April 22 we will fly out of Charleston, SC. Please keep the Haitian people in your prayers as they are going through very hard times. The cost of food & goods have sky rocketed and demonstrators have been rioting the streets of Haiti in attempts to bring the costs back down. They don’t realize that these demonstrations are just hurting them and looters are out in full force. To give you an idea of some of the price increases… in Haitian dollars, Rice was $260 and now is $550, Cooking oil was $36 and now is $90 and Gasoline has raised to $70/gal (about $10 US/gal) Can you imagine paying $9 US for a gallon of milk?? Our prayer is that God will multiply their money or multiply their goods. We also pray that they get through these hard times acknowledging daily that God is in control and through Him all things are possible.

Many thanks and blessings to you!!

Doug & Amy Reichley

Haitian Christian Projects - HCP

808 Ophir St. #7 Moncks Corner, SC 29461


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