Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Bean’s and Rice, Beans and Rice…I already miss the food and the thought of a pizza makes me hungry! BUT, Tonight all the missionaries had a welcome home Party for us and they invited a lot of our Haitian friends.... they (missionaries) already taught us that we can buy a lot of different American food and sometimes milk in PAP!!

Currently, there are 6 missionaries at Christianville (CV)

Dr. Ryan Price, is an optometrists from Alabama. He is 26 and he and Doug get along great. Ryan has been here since June of 2007 and does a great job running the optometry clinic here.

Stacey Bloomer, is an RN from Pittsburg, Kansas. She just arrived in January 2008. She is 23… I finally know someone that is always colder than me! When it is breezy or rainy she gets cold. Yet, cold here is only about 70*.

Teresa Murphy is a P.A. from Wisconsin. She is a little older than us….& has been in Haiti for about 7 years. I have already learned a lot from her. She has a great laugh and it is very contagious.

Jim and Sandy are the Doctor & Nurse couple from Kansas. They have lived in Haiti for about 10 years and know the culture very well. I’m guessing they are a few years older than my parents. Sandy has played a huge role in helping us get to Haiti. She has given me lists, ideas and info that were much needed.

Miss Sue is the wise ol’ owl. I’m guessing she is almost 70 and is a great example of a faithful servant. She is the director of the orphanage. She has 7 babies ages 3 and under and about 25 older children.

All of the missionaries here have already reminded us to pray and ask God’s guidance in all that we do…The encouragement and hospitality they have shown us is more than I ever expected. God is so good to put us in this place.

Tomorrow Doug learns how to drive in the city and I have to navigate for him. We are going to the market and all of the shopping stops in Port Au Prince. (PAP) You know how I told you that I emailed the missionaries that were here before us? … She told me that she had left so many supplies especially KITCHEN supplies that we will really need? Also a fridge & washer.... well most of the supplies were taken and we have NOTHING!! The fridge isn't working right now but it is fairly new so I think Dad can fix it. The washer is also sick right now but hopefully we can nurse it back to health soon... I am SO thankful for the mattress pad… we have a pretty decent mattress only purchased last year but a little too firm for Doug and I. The pad we brought makes it comfortable.

We started painting the house today. All the walls are nasty since the orphanage babies lived there and we think they loved to finger paint with their food?? So the paint was necessary! We cleaned so much and the bathroom was FIRST on the agenda. Now we can actually get clean taking a shower. Dad and Doug cut about a 1/4 inch off all the doors in the house because you could only open them about half way and then they would get stuck… funny huh? We pulled all the drawers out of the kitchen and washed them out.

Tomorrow after shopping we will try to finish the kitchen and that may be all we get finished but we hope to have the painting done by the weekend so we can play. We want to go see Ivanithe in Grand Goave and go to the orphanage that Mom and Dad helps in Jacmel. It feels so funny sleeping under a mosquito net… very romantic feeling though (wink)! Just ask Mike & Patty H. about their mosquito net!! I am really excited for tomorrow so I’m going to bed but we’ll write and send pictures soon.

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