Friday, January 15, 2010

Earthquake Pictures

**WARNING, there are some graphic pictures included. A few are worse than what CNN is showing but this is our reality.

CV University Entrance

CV University dorm

Kindergarten building

High School

back of Wilkins apartment

side laceration

missionaries sleep outside

leg laceration

bilateral open fracture of ankles


Ryan said...

Doug and Amy, this is Ryan Turk. I visted and volunteered with Teresa this summer, I was working on medication adherence with the symbol watch.

I have a Cessna 210 that can carry 1000LBS of supplies and land at the nearest airstrip to you. Please contact me at: or call 770-843-6766 ASAP and we can coordinate.

Bebedores do Gondufo said...

ll together we must help this people that lived this tragedy. LET'S HELP HAITI!

Pye's In Haiti said...

Hey! Hoping to get stuff to you guys in the next couple of days. How are you on food? Drinking water? We pray you guys stay safe and strong! I look forward to those days again when you guys come hang out for a weekend at the beach with us! God Bless!

Sue said...

I wish I had my passport. I'd be on my way!!!
Want to help so badly. Don't know what to do except sent $$$$$. Let me know if you have any suggestions?!

Excel Missions said...

We prayed for days to hear news of your safety. Thank God you are okay. I think if every thing works out and they can land in Haiti Eric and Jenni will be coming down. I don't know if they will get to you, but they will try. Love from Clint and Mary Fink.Excel Missions.

Eric said...

We are so glad to hear everyone is safe. I know Doug and Amy are in the States. I am bringing a group of 4 with several medical supplies on the 3rd of Febuary. We are staying until the 12th. We are prepared to work in what ever capacity we are needed. We continue to pray for everyone at Christianville. We will see you all soon.
God Bless You and Keep You Safe!
Eric Dismore (Excel/FCCI Missions)