Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday January 16th, earthquake update

Around 12:15pm a Coast Guard helicopter landed on our soccer field and asked for people who were critically injured or in danger. None of us are, Thanks to God! So the next step. I told him we have 16 visitors that need to get out. He told me he can get them to the PAP airport in groups of 3 in the next day or so. The first flight will be two of my American visitors and one critically injured Haitian. They will have food water and it is safely being run by the US military. He said they would be able to get to the US in a day or two. And that they are getting people out on a steady pace. Currently we (Americans) have food, water and our needs are taken care of. The next step is the coast guard will be dropping food and clean water for our village people. We have started to get all our local pastors together so they will be surrounding the food/water when it is delivered. We will then move it to CV and it can be distributed peacefully and not have a riot in the middle of the soccer field. We don’t need any more Haitians injured or killed. As soon as I see our visitors are out safe, I will be sure to put that info on the blog so loved ones can be updated.

Please continue to pray for:

We have a few people that are digging out supplies from our pharmacy so we can continue to help the sick and injured. We have run out of medical supplies so this is our only option so we can continue to help. We also have some medical supplies arriving on Monday. Pray that the after shocks don’t bring down that building.

Please pray that it doesn’t rain… because of the after shocks we are sleeping outside on mattresses or in trucks.

Some missionaries are still out looking for more food and supplies for ourselves so we can continue to help the Haitians in our area. Pray that the harvest is plentiful.

I will be updating as we have more info. Some of you are wanting to come to CV and lend a helping hand…. soon I will update to let you know how you can help in this way!!




WV Jenny said...

Thank you so much for your update. It has done my heart good. My Uncle Jimmy is over there and I have been worried sick.He means the world to me and the though of losing him is unthinkable.I can only imagine what everyone over there is going through.Please know that all of us over here continue to pray for you all..Once again thank you for making my heart ache just a little less. Jennifer Tolbert Coulter

G in Haiti said...

Thank you so much Amy for keeping us updated on how you all are. We are all so hungry to hear that you and all of those we know are ok. You are all so amazing, truly God is your strength. Let us know how those we met and came to know are doing when you have a chance. Our constant prayers and thoughts are with you. We can't wait to get down there to help.
Love Terri H

Beth said...

Amy, thanks for the postings as it a way for those of us in the states to keep up on the happenings outside of the national news stories. God has prepared you well for what you are doing and look forward to coming to Haiti at some point to work with you. It would be a blessing to return after all these years as the Haitian people are unlike any I've met. My heart aches for those that have lost loved ones but yet I know that God can and will be glorified even in this horrific situations. Our prayers are continually with you.
Beth S.

Dave said...

Doug & Amy -
Thank you so much for the update and pics. How can our church help? Can we send workers to offer some relief and help?
You have in our prayers daily!
Dave F
Council Bluffs, IA

michele said...

I found your blog while looking for information on Gressier because our church supports an orphanage, the House of Hope. The story of Christianville is inspirational and I'm very happy to hear that you have had contact from the Coast Guard. Bondye Bon! Michele Braithwaite, Burke, VA

kellee metty said...

Amy, we had no idea you were still there! i heard somewhere along the way that you all evacuated...we arrived at the the airport an hour before it hit...Pastor Val was back inside getting your mom's bags, and he came running out uninjured but very shaken. we tried to come your way, but the roads were blocked and we went into pap. we ended up on a soccer field with 2000 church members. it was actually the most peaceful and beautiful night of my life with everyone singing and worshiping all night long. then we got out some of the things we had brought for the orphanage and set up triage. we delivered two babies. we stayed another night on that field but someone yelled tsunami and scared everyone away (even thoug i knew that was impossible). we ended up at quisqueya christian school on delmas 75 and eventually on an evac flight on saturday. Kellee Metty

Gina said...

Thank you for the updates. Prayers and thoughts are continually with you. I have been continuing to fundraise and gather supplies. Hopefully I will be on the next wave of volunteers.