Thursday, January 14, 2010

Earthquake update

As you all know by now a major earthquake hit Haiti on Tuesday afternoon. We all were unharmed during the initial quake and through the aftershocks that are continuing even today. But there is so much devastation. There were 5 deaths near us even though we worked all night helping people in a make-shift triage unit in the yard. Adults and children with lacerations, broken bones, one with a foot cut off. Three babies were born in 24 hour's time, all by missionary staff because the Drs were busy. By God's grace (and His divine creation of adrenaline) we are still going.

Our water supply is damaged and it is a muddy brown color. We will have to find the resources to fix this promptly because water is a necessity but also because it is still over 90 degrees during the day here (in the 70's at night). We have some food but it won't last. We just need supplies, period.

Fortunately (and unfortunately) Jeff & Rita and Beverly Carter arrived here on Monday. They have been a huge help and the boys are happy to have two Grandmas to care for them. Tuesday night Nanny slept on the ground with Dor and Grayson because we could not sleep in the house with the aftershocks and uncertainty about structural damage. Most of CV has collapsed. Only our house, the church, and the guesthouse remain, but all are unstable. Val's orphanage collapsed but all of the children are safe and accounted for, they are staying in the chicken house!

We can not stay here like this for much longer. We will run out of supplies and it will be difficult if not impossible to buy more because of the demand right now. We need your prayers! We know they are working but keep them coming. We also will need A LOT of help to rebuild and continue to minister to the people here.

I know people want to help Haiti, especially now. And I know you all feel helpless so many miles away but you can help. You can't send food or water, but you can send money so we can buy supplies if they are available and eventually materials to rebuild. The best way to do that is through a non-profit that Jeff and Rita set up. I'll include their address and please know that every donation makes a difference and that 100% goes to Haiti.

I love you all and can feel your prayers.
God Bless,

Haitian Christian Projects (HCP)
808 Ophir Street #7
Moncks Corner SC 29461


Matt and Molly said...

How great it is to hear of the work you all are doing! I can't even image what it is like. We praise God for your safety & your compassion for people. We are continuing to fervently pray & raise money. We will rebuild Christianville & Matt & I will be there to help you do so (when you are ready for us, of course!). We love you guys! Stay safe & may the Lord continue to hold you tight!

Richard said...

Hey Molly,
We are so happy to hear from you. I will get pictures on soon. It is sad. But I belive God wants a new Christianville. Thanks for raising funds for CV each day. I know if we have MANY ambassadors like you, we will rebuild and continue to help these lost people. I love you and miss you!

Cyndy said...

Is it possible to donate via PayPal? If so, what address should be used?

Pye's In Haiti said...

rDoug and Amy I am so glad to hear you guys are OK. I wish so badly I could bring food over to you guys! 40 miles never seemed so far! We are good, struggling but better than you guys! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!

Bob Gailey said...

We are praying for you !

We Love You!

Bob & Celeste Gailey <><*

Wayne & Patty Blalock said...

Amy & Doug,
Thank you so much for all the work you're doing. Know that Christianville is in our thoughts & prayers.
We would like to know about Jeff Fortune & his family & the guesthouse staff.
We are sitting on ready to help. Please let us know how. We miss you guys & look forward to seeing you soon. God bless you & all the people in Haiti.
Wayne & Patty Blalock

Bill said...

Our thoughts and prayers(and ASAP $) are with you.

Excel Missions said...

I viewed a list of loved ones on this blog. I could not know everyone but I noticed a few names that I recognized praise God. I noticed Sony in the list of unknowns. Sony was able to contact us here in Indiana. The call was very short and then went dead, but we feel he is alive.Clint and Mary Fink from Excel Missions.